IU South Bend Administration Building

Indiana University - South Bend

South Bend, IN


Project Description:

The Indiana University at South Bend Administration building is an 84,284 sq. ft. two story building originally constructed during the 1960’s.  The second-floor administrative offices were renovated in 2008 while the first floor retained its 1960’s look with minor improvements until 2016 when major renovations began.  All occupants of the first floor were moved out of the building to other parts of the campus allowing for the demolition and abatement of 42,440 sq. ft.  At the completion of demolition and abatement, the only remaining items were the main HVAC distribution trunk lines along with exterior insulated ducts.

The existing HVAC ducts were cleaned with new branch ducts installed replacing interior insulated duct.  New fiber and data lines were installed throughout the first floor updating the technology to the 21st century.  The electrical distribution system received a total reconstruction.  The interior space was renovated into 52 offices predominately around the perimeter of the building.  To capitalize on the outside lighting coming in through the massive exterior window the front wall of the offices were composed of storefront glass which allowed the lighting to wash within the interior spaces.  To continue the penetration of the lighting deeper into the floor space a clerestory window was incorporated in lieu of a solid wall.  The space received a new terrazzo corridor around the interior courtyards with a combination of carpet in office and open spaces and vct tile in storage spaces.  In addition to the 52 offices we designed six conference rooms of various sizes, seven (7) large open office areas with student work cubicles, a large open learning and study space, student collaborative spaces are sprinkled throughout the floor, a computer lab, a veterans lounge and a new gateway leading into the first floor from the adjoining building.  The ceiling was designed using a floating cloud system with LED lighting.  The fire alarm system was updated to modern technology.

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