Ball State University Ball Field Complex

Ball State University

Muncie, IN

Addition and Renovation

Project Description:

For around 40 years Ball State collegiate baseball produced some great players and has had several players in the major leagues.  After these 40 years or so it was decided that some major improvements were needed for both Men’s baseball and Women’s softball.  The primary areas of concern were the playing surface, player amenities, press box, concessions, and game day experience for fans and spectators.

Synthetic turf was added to both venues, upgrades or replacements were made for player amenities, and additional seating and a new press box were added to the baseball stadium.  In addition, the aesthetics were addressed to give fans and spectators an enhanced experience.  Ball State Coach Rich Maloney is happy because the facilities are a tremendous help in the recruitment for the best standouts/athletes and with the all synthetic turf they can play and practice in most weather conditions.

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