Goshen Hospital Hybrid OR Suite

Goshen Health

Goshen, IN


Project Description:

A Hybrid O.R. combines a functional CT/X-ray unit with a fully integrated operating suite, allowing physicians to visualize in real time the effects of implants and surgical interventions on their patients.

In the case of the Goshen Health Hybrid O.R., equipment from Healthcare Technologies, Siemens, Stryker, Axis Imaging, MedRad and Hill•Rom were all coordinated by Moake Park using BIM technology in the Revit platform to prevent collision, not only with building systems but also one another.  Surgical lights and equipment booms needed to be able to pass within inches of the c-arm without mishap, and all these components needed to be supported from above by an integrated Uni-strut structural system.  Woven through the structure, custom stainless steel diffusers create the sterile field, and supplemental LED lighting provides the dimming necessary to view the giant 50” medical monitor.

Within the 1,300 square foot footprint, $1,750,000 in equipment is completely coordinated and successfully implemented.

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