Maple Creek Middle School

Northwest Allen Community Schools

Fort Wayne, IN

New Construction

Project Description:

Maple Creek Middle School is designed as a “school within a school” to be reflective of current middle school philosophies which call for small, individualized, supportive and self-contained environments to nurture and challenge students to grow as young adults. 

This philosophy/facility allows for a large population of students to be subdivided into three smaller groups, or “schools”, creating a more secure environment where these young students can build relationships within the same grade level, yet interact with other grades in shared areas such as the cafetorium, gymnasium, television studio, etc.

The two-story entry foyer, an inviting introduction for students who are beginning their middle school education, leads them to the central organizational element of their journey, the Cafetorium.  The Cafetorium is designed to be a flexible, interactive gathering space, and is surrounded by the three “schools”.  These three “schools” are separated by specialty areas which afford an acoustic separation between grades when classes are in session, as well as a close proximity to specialty learning opportunities and staff supervision.

Space usage within each “school” is flexible, thereby providing for the development of a unique identity for each area.  In general, the school is colorful, yet slightly subdued to allow for the creativity of the students to define the uniqueness of their environment.  Display cases, art walls, niches, etc., become the backdrop for their accomplishments and personalities.  The individual identities of these three “schools” will change every year.

Emphasizing the close relationship between the community and student life, this middle school extends an invitation to the public to actively share in its use.   Community amenities such as the gymnasium are segmented from learning spaces for flow and security, yet configured to be flexible for a variety of different functions.

The visually stimulating exterior of the new middle school is enhanced by the award-winning use of over nine brick colors, textures and shapes.  Though very cost efficient, these elements combine to give the elevations prominence and visual depth.

A combination of a four-pipe system for interior public spaces, and unit ventilation within the classrooms serves to heat and cool the building; the latter allowing individual classrooms private temperature control.  A notable addition to the school’s long list of features is the central vacuum system, which was installed to greatly reduce maintenance and housekeeping costs.

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