Mike Thomas Offices

Mike Thomas Associates

Fort Wayne, IN

New Construction

Project Description:

In a carefully planned move to consolidate several “satellite” locations into one centralized Corporate center, the Owner chose a convenient site to house the Real Estate Sales Division and the Real Estate Development Division in one location.  This approach allows each entity to share common resources in a cost-effective manner while establishing a new Corporate Image.

The design was created to promote a high-tech, yet comfortable image with high visibility and easy access to serve their growing client base.  Mike Thomas Associates has long since been the leading residential real estate company throughout the region and this new facility will provide for an even greater presence and continued growth opportunities.  Materials were chosen from an array of “residential” design palates and combined to develop the desired corporate character of the two primary business functions.  Mike Thomas is quoted as stating “the time was right for us, and our customer base is continuing to grow beyond expectations.”

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