Northridge High School

Middlebury Community Schools

Middlebury, IN

New Construction

Project Description:

With a growing high school student population, Middlebury Community Schools was outgrowing its facilities.  Middlebury is a strong and involved community, and fundamentally supportive of their school system; thus the design process to address their growth was one of support and interactive collaboration.  Northridge High School showcases their pride and dedicated efforts on behalf of the community.

Middlebury Schools was quite forward thinking and student-focused in their project goals, and the many unique features of the High School exemplify this remarkable foresight and commitment.  The expandable core of the facility is suitable for 2,400 students, with the addition of classrooms.

Openness is the breathtaking feature of this high school.  The two-story entry commons, four academic wings springing from the open two-story circulation corridors with visibility to spaces below, as well as open central cafeteria space, and an open circulation loop to the auditorium and natatorium, are all aesthetic and successfully functional spaces.  Given the open circulation, the vital element of security was masterfully maintained.  The School’s goal of an open interior atmosphere, connected to the outdoors was achieved via windows/clerestory windows to the outside in all spaces except the auditorium.

This endeavor was completed in two phases, 1) educational spaces and 2) the auditorium/pool.  Technology systems in the school are state-of-the art, students have access to a central media center, Java Ridge (coffee bar), and they can even embrace the PE4Life program on the high ropes course and climbing wall in the field house.

Conceived and designed with a hands-on community input, it is no wonder the Northridge High School spaces foster such an interactive student/community culture.

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