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IU Kokomo Main

Indiana University - Kokomo

Kokomo, IN


Project Description:

The Main Building for the Kokomo Campus is 140,000 sf and is the primary classroom building on campus.  The 1960’s building also is the home for the 868 seat Havens Auditorium.  The building was in desperate need of new MEP upgrades and classrooms that serve today’s pedagogy.  To accomplish this, phased renovation plans were designed for construction beginning in 2015.  Newly renovated spaces will total approximately 93,000 of the 140,000 building.

Renovations to the building include the development of new entrance canopies for both the main entrance and the entrance to Havens Auditorium.  The new entrance canopies are meant to provide an updated look to the building with the use of metal panel and straight line reveals complementing the building strong horizontal and vertical lines.  Limestone is also utilized, complementing the Main Building’s predominate exterior building material.

Interior renovations include a substantial renovation of the buildings mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  Fire suppression was added to areas of renovation and extended to areas that are not a part of the renovation for future implementation.  The building envelope is also improved with the addition of new building insulation and the replacement of all exterior curtain wall systems.

General Classrooms are reconstructed to meet the needs of the current curriculum.  Improvements include added technology, improved acoustics, LED lighting, and glass marker boards.  In addition, the renovated spaces also include a Math resource room, Video production spaces, an MBA Classroom, and a room for the Culinary Arts.

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