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Midwest Auto Parts

Kelley Automotive Group

Fort Wayne, IN

New Construction

Project Description:

The Midwest Auto Parts Complex is a cutting-edge architectural project spanning 60,000 square feet, meticulously designed to serve the diverse needs of its occupants. The facility is strategically crafted to house the Midwest Auto Parts Distribution Center, providing a centralized hub for efficient and seamless distribution operations.

At the heart of technological innovation, the Kelley Automotive Group I.T. Department finds its home within the complex, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to support advanced systems, and ensure optimal functionality. This integration allows for seamless communication and coordination between the distribution center and the technological backbone of Kelley Automotive Group.

Employee well-being takes center stage with the inclusion of a dedicated Fitness Center within the complex.  This space is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance for the workforce and enhance employee recruitment and retention by fostering a positive and energetic environment.  Additionally, the Cafe Lounge and Training Room provides a welcoming communal space for employees to relax, connect, learn, and recharge.

Looking towards the future, the second floor of the Midwest Auto Parts Complex remains unfinished, strategically reserved for future expansion.  This thoughtful planning allows for adaptability and scalability, ensuring that the facility can evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the Midwest Auto Parts and Kelley Automotive Group.

In summary, the Midwest Auto Parts Complex is more than just a distribution center; it's a comprehensive architectural solution that seamlessly integrates distribution, technology, employee well-being, and future growth, setting a new standard for automotive facilities in the region.

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