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Parkview Huntington Hospital - Holly D. Sale Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

Parkview Health

Huntington, IN

Addition and Renovation

Project Description:

Parkview Huntington Hospital began an expansion of

its rehabilitation and wellness facilities to better serve

residents and the surrounding area. The Holly D. Sale

Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offers both existing

and new services and will include the latest modes of

treatment for non-healing wounds.

The new center provides the latest in wound care

methods and technology. It features a pair of hyperbaric

chambers that promote healing of difficult wounds

caused by diabetes, burns or similar injuries, vasculitis,

and many other conditions. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)

therapy involves the use of greater-than-normal air

pressure to suffuse the body’s tissues with pure oxygen,

which stimulates the natural healing process. This therapy

can provide tremendous improvement for stubborn,

chronic wounds that have not healed following standard


Therapists working with children can offer more types of

treatment in larger areas. The new center has additional

private consultation and exam rooms for patients of all

ages, as well as a larger space for the Activities of Daily

Living Lab, a renovated Adult Fitness Center, and room for

new types of therapy and wellness-oriented programming.

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