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Enhanced Quality Control + Assurance

Because quality control is such a key component to each and every project, Moake Park utilizes a Clash Detection Process. A clash detection analysis is done to check for interferences between all building components of one or many models. A report is generated and shared with the design team which then discusses the best ways to resolve the clash between building components. This helps to reduce change orders during construction and is performed early and throughout the design process.

NAVISWORKS Manage is a comprehensive project review solution software which supports coordination, analysis, and communication of design intent and constructability. It enables architects, engineers, and construction professionals to holistically review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control over project outcomes. Interference management tools help design and construction professional anticipate and minimize potential problems before construction begins, helping to reduce expensive delays and rework. NAVISWORKS Manage is integrated with Autodesk Revit to help connect the entire project team and streamline project review and coordination workflows. It is a true asset to overall quality control.

In addition to using Revit and NAVISWORKS on each and every project,

Moake Park has a team of professionals that will review projects at key intervals for a variety of items. These include but are not limited to, accessibility issues, building envelope review, constructability, safety and security to name a few. These reviews occur at various intervals during the project and are discussed amongst the project team for resolution or correction if required.

In addition, implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) allows the entire project team to identify, visualize, and modify any conflicts that occur in the design. With the use of Autodesk Revit paired with VR software, we are able to experience the design intent before a single wall, pipe, piece of ductwork or ceiling pad is physically installed. We can visualize in real-time the location of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing elements with all architectural elements within spaces that are visible to the user and those spaces that are concealed. This adds another level of clarity and design that not only benefits the design team by maximizing the design of any given project but will provide added value and cost savings to the owner during construction by reducing the number of change orders.


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